Best of Our Blogs: August 4, 2017

“Joy, collected over time, fuels resilience.” – Brene Brown

Everything is connected. This means when we’re physically ill our emotional body is also affected. When we’re sad, and full of despair, our body feels it. One cannot separate one from the other.

As a mother, all of my time is spent on my children. It’s easy to gloss over my own needs for their own. But over time, both my physical and emotional self was depleted. I realized my health and wellness depended on my commitment to fuel my life with joy and gratitude.

This week, read about ways you can deal with the difficulties in your life, problems at work, anger and the narcissists in your life. Then, go and find things that elevates your mood and fills you with joy.

Sacrificed at the Altar of Narcissism: Parents of Adult Narcissistic Children
(The Exhausted Woman) – It’s your adult child that’s causing you pain. If her or she is narcissistic, you need to read this to protect yourself.

Addiction and Anger: What’s the Connection?
(Addiction & Mental Health Demystified) – Here’s how to heal your relationship with anger.

8 Ways Narcissists Con You
(Narcissism Decoded) – You’re not crazy. The narcissist in your life are just implementing the following tactics to confuse you.

How Childhood Emotional Neglect Affects Your Adult Work Life
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Your problems at work may have to do with this.

Redefining Narcissism as a Love Deficit
(Neuroscience & Relationships) – It’s a different way of seeing a narcissist that will help you understand the narcissist in your life.

August 4, 2017 at 06:39AM


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