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'CHURCH OF PHIL' Recruitment Seminar Coming to Edinburgh Fringe

Fire Donkey Productions presents Church of Phil Recruitment Seminar at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in association with PBH Free Fringe, running 5th-13th August, 8.40pm (1 hour) at Black Market (Room 6), 32 Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 1QB (free show).

Fire Donkey Productions are bringing you their latest award-winning (“Best Original Piece” – Swindon Fringe Festival 2017) absurd interactive comedy theatre experience in the form of a definitely fictional cult recruitment ceremony, which tackles human nature, religious icons, fake news and caravan holiday parks, in the show The Swindonian described as “appealing grubby anarchy”.

Join the Church of Phil, a “progressive spiritual movement”, worshippers of Phil, a charismatic former child star of 90’s pharmaceutical adverts who owns a caravan park in South West Wales. Polly and Liam are two of Phil’s most loyal followers and will lead the audience through a series of slick slide show presentations, ritual dances, stories about the great man himself, puppetry, human sacrifice, and a raffle.

Church of Phil is the third full production by Pembrokeshire-based Fire Donkey Productions, which consists of Liam McKenna and Polly Preston, who have been creating genius works of comedy since the heady days of student radio in 2007. They have performed two full runs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and toured the UK and somehow ended up performing their last show in Stockholm in front of real life Swedish people. And this promises to be their most ambitious project yet, attempting to poignantly satirise the corruption of power in religion through the medium of a psychotic puppet chimp, banana-induced hypnotherapy, and tap.

What audiences have previously said about Fire Donkey Productions:


“What the fringe used to be like.”

“Brilliantly random”

“Inventive, endearing, hilarious”

“The most absurd piece of theatre I’ve ever seen.”

And one woman simply wished us luck.


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August 5, 2017 at 05:43AM


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