Hypnosis Training Video #507: Revealed – Hypnotic Words That Get Results!


Cal in Hypnotic Words That Get Results Erika in Hypnotic Words That Get Results

Discover THE Most Attention-Getting Words in Our (Or Any Other) Profession!

Discover THE Word That Instantly Connects You to Your Clients’ Subconscious Mind

Learn the Secret Words That Causes Your Client to Stop Focusing On the Problem & Start Focusing on the Solution!

Hello Hypnotists!

Welcome to the free, fun and informative hypnosis training video. Erika is back with some insider info on THE most hypnotic words! Proper use of the hypnotic words can lead you to having greater success in getting and helping your clients.

As I prepare this newsletter to send it out to you I am in Marlborough, Massachusetts getting ready for this weekend’s NGH Convention. Get out here and take your practice to the next level, and stop by and say “hello” to Celeste, Erika, Brenda and Me! Convention starts this FRIDAY, August 11 – 13, 2017.

Before you watch the video please take a moment and check out these important announcements below. “Ethical Bribe”, free age regression training video and audios you can access now! Read on…


Ethical Bribe? Yup, $89.85 Worth of Age Regression Training for You Just for Watching – Plus a Free Raffle to Win A “Supervision Meeting with Me! Click the image below to watch my SPECIAL teleseminar.

BONUS! Here is a video I just did with Paul Ramsay on one of my favorite topics, Mastering Age Regression Hypnosis! Click this link, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKsCiAIF_yY

Cal Banyan on Podcast #506

National Guild of Hypnotists Logo Let’s get together at the National Guild of Hypnotists Convention in Marlborough, Massachusetts, August 11-13, 2017! It is the largest and friendliest hypnosis event in the world!

I want to meet you in person, so say “hello” at the convention.

I will be speaking and teaching on the following topics:

  • “Quantum Leap” Hypnosis Success With A Systematic Approach—5-PATH®! (2 hours)
  • Essentials Of Mastering Age Regression — Hypnotic Age Regression Work Builds Your Practice And! (2 Hours)
  • The Universal Patter Script!?! – Can One Script Do It all? (Free 1 Hour)
  • Age Regression Certification Course (3 Days Following the Convention!) – This is an amazing course recently extended to 3 days! Complete course description here, http://ift.tt/2nCj1Ma

Become A Certified Hypnosis Professional or Take Your Current Hypnosis Practice to the Next Level with Banyan Hypnosis Certification Courses!

Upcoming Professional Hypnosis Certification Courses with
Cal Banyan in Dallas! State Licensed School & Accredited Instructor

Banyan Hypnosis Center Recent Hypnosis Course Graduates

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Recent Graduating Classes from Hypnosis Training Courses
Three Recent Graduating Classes

August 9, 2017 at 11:19PM


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