How to Become a More Mindful Person

We all have heard of the concept of becoming more mindful. But what does that actually mean in our everyday lives? Is it strictly tied to various forms of meditation or breathing exercises? It can be, according to the experts, but in actuality it is more practical and something you can even do on a daily basis.

Utilize the ideas below to become a more mindful person, and your body and mind will thank you.

  1. Take a walk outside. Taking a breather outside is one of the most mindful things you can do. Walking in and of itself is very therapeutic. Taking a walk, a break in the middle of your day or early in the morning, calms the mind, increases creativity, and facilitates greater awareness of your surroundings. Mindful people make a point of doing this whenever they get a chance.
  2. Stay preset, and in the moment, even when you find your mind drifting off. Mindful people are able to do this, which helps keep them in the present moment, not thinking about the past, and not feeling anxious about the future. You can try this concept for just 5-10 minutes a day, and work your way up from there.
  3. Create something, anything. When you create anything, you are actually practicing mindfulness, because you are almost forced to stay in the present moment.
  4. Breathe deeply from within. Anytime you practice diaphragmatic breathing, your breath becomes less shallow, and you truly do feel better. This enables you to focus on the present. Dr. Andrew Weil, holistic expert guru recommends the 4:7:8 breath, where you breathe in through your nose for 4 seconds, count for 7 seconds while holding your breath in, and then gently exhaling through your mouth for 8 seconds. You can practice this breathing style a few times a day. You should feel calmer with each breath you take in.
  5. Disconnect from your phone. Mindful people are aware that most things in this life are not an emergency. That thought enables them to completely disconnect from their phone, at convenient times of the day. Ultimately, this translates to becoming a happier person.
  6. Be Bored. In fact, embrace the opportunity to be bored. Being bored not only stimulates the mind for potential creativity, but it primes the mind to reflect and be calm without getting too into your head. Letting the mind wander at times can be a good thing, especially to those who practice genuine mindfulness. They are not afraid of it.
  7. Do not multitask. This leads to them feeling less drained over the course of the day. Mindful people have the uncanny ability to focus. They secretly know that the key to having a productive day is to focus on one task at a time, something most of us have a hard time doing. If there is a lot to do, they delegate to others, and most importantly they inherently know the art of prioritizing. This leaves them feeling quite energetic, despite being tired, even at the end of a long day.
  8. Have fun, and know how to do it too! Mindful people are open to new experiences, and know how to have fun. This happens when they have a good work like balance, and are able to be in the present moment. Everyone around them is happier too, as their good energy, and positive vibes are felt all around them.
  9. Allow yourself to feel — and don’t be ashamed of it. Mindful people are not Pollyanna’s, living in denial about something negative, and they are not overly optimistic either. They are able to integrate both feelings, as well as the ups and downs of life, in a cohesive fashion. They accept their feelings, good or bad, which helps keep them in the present moment, simply because they know that feelings are not a permanent thing. Anything can change at a moment’s notice.
  10. Take care of your physical and mental health. Mindful people whether they have learned the art form, or know it intuitively, are aware that mental and physical health go hand in hand. They do what they can to nourish their bodies from within, while avoiding anything toxic, physical or emotional.
  11. Learn to appreciate the small stuff, and don’t take things for granted. Mindful people are always grateful for the small things in life, because they deeply know that the world owes them nothing. This in turn, makes them truly appreciate everything around them from the small things in this world, all the way up to the bigger things in life.

Awareness is the key here, and that could be your secret ingredient to achieving a more mindful and peaceful state of mind. Even if you weren’t born a mindful person, you can work on this craft, by honoring yourself and trying to become a more mindful person throughout your day. Your health and overall well being will thank you!

August 12, 2017 at 02:34PM


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