Still No Medications to Control Alcohol Dependency

Still No Medications to Control Alcohol Dependency

A new study shows no evidence of a pharmacological solution to control drinking in patients with alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder.

Researchers specifically reviewed the benefits of nalmefene, naltrexone, acamprosate, baclofen or topiramate.

At best, some treatments showed low to medium efficacy in reducing drinking, but those findings were from studies with a high risk of bias. None demonstrated any benefit on health outcomes.

The study appears in the journal Addiction.

For the study, researchers pooled the results from 32 double-blind randomized controlled trials representing 6,036 patients, published between 1994 and 2015. The studies compared the effects of oral nalmefene (n=9), naltrexone (n=14), acamprosate (n=1), baclofen (n=4) and topimarate (n=4) against placebo.

Many of the studies provided unreliable results due to risk of bias (potential exaggeration of the effects of the drug). Twenty-six studies (81 percent) showed an unclear or high risk of incomplete outcome data due to the large number of withdrawals.

Seventeen studies (53 percent) showed an unclear or a high risk of selective outcome reporting, as they did not include a protocol registration number, which would allow another researcher to check whether all outcomes were reported.

“Although our report is based on all available data in the public domain, we did not find clear evidence of benefit of using these drugs to control drinking. That doesn’t mean the drugs aren’t effective; it means we don’t yet know if they are effective, explains lead author Dr Palpacuer.

He continues: “To know that, we need better studies. Researchers urgently need to provide policymakers with evidence as to which of these drugs can be effectively translated into a real harm reduction strategy.”

Source: Society for the Study of Addiction/EurekAlert

September 22, 2017 at 08:54AM


Mouse Study: Oxytocin Intensifies Social Experiences, Both Good and Bad

Mouse Study: Oxytocin Intensifies Social Experiences, Both Good and Bad

Commonly known as the “love hormone,” oxytocin plays a major role in social relationships — but more isn’t always better. A new mouse study published in the journal Biological Psychiatry shows that oxytocin amplifies the effects of social experiences — both good and bad. In fact, after negative social experiences, the presence of oxytocin in a particular part of the brain results in avoidance of unfamiliar social situations.

For the study, behavioral neuroscientists Natalia Duque-Wilckens and Brian Trainor worked with female California mice. When stressed, these mice often exhibit a form of social anxiety, shying away from unfamiliar mice instead of approaching them. However, the findings show that a single dose of a drug that blocks the activity of oxytocin restored normal social behavior in stressed females.

The findings are exciting because “for antidepressants like Prozac to have this same effect, it takes a month of daily treatment,” said Trainor, a professor in the University of California (UC), Davis Department of Psychology, College of Letters and Science.

The researchers expected the mice to behave in this manner based on their previous work showing that social stress increases the activity of oxytocin-producing cells in the brain and that females given intranasal oxytocin tend to avoid new social contexts.

Postdoctoral researcher Duque-Wilckens said that these findings support the theory that oxytocin amplifies the effects of social experiences. So rather than promoting only positive social interactions, oxytocin intensifies the experience of both positive and negative social interactions.

In a positive context, such as with family or friends, oxytocin could promote social approach behavior (hence its reputation as the “cuddling” hormone). However, in a negative context, like bullying, oxytocin could promote social avoidance.

But how can the same hormone have such different effects on behavior? The researchers found that two brain regions responded to oxytocin more strongly in females than males. These regions were the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis (BNST), a brain region known to control anxiety, and the nucleus accumbens, a brain region important for reward and motivation.

The team found that injecting an oxytocin blocker into the BNST, but not the nucleus accumbens, reversed the effects of stress on social behavior in females. Work by other researchers has suggested that oxytocin in the nucleus accumbens promotes rewarding aspects of social interactions.

These findings suggest that oxytocin can generate social anxiety or reward by acting in different areas of the brain. At times when oxytocin is acting in the BNST, drugs that block oxytocin could reduce social anxiety.

Trainor said a consistent theme in oxytocin research is that experience and the surrounding environment have important effects on how oxytocin affects behavior.

“Stressful social experiences appear to change which parts of the brain use oxytocin,” he said. “Understanding how this works in a mouse gives us new ideas on how we could use drugs targeting oxytocin to reduce social anxiety.”

Source: University of California, Davis



September 22, 2017 at 08:05AM

Brain Inflammation Tied to Suicidal Thoughts

Brain Inflammation Tied to Suicidal Thoughts

New research finds that patients with major depressive disorder (MDD) have increased levels of brain cell inflammation.

Importantly, researchers at the University of Manchester discovered that the inflammation was present only in patients with MDD who were experiencing suicidal thoughts.

This link suggests nerve cell inflammation, rather than a diagnosis of MDD, is associated with suicidal thoughts. The research, led by Dr. Peter Talbot and colleagues appears in the journal Biological Psychiatry.

“Our findings are the first results in living depressed patients to suggest that this microglial activation is most prominent in those with suicidal thinking,” said Dr. Talbot. Previous studies suggesting this link have relied on brain tissue collected from patients after death.

“This paper is an important addition to the view that inflammation is a feature of the neurobiology of a subgroup of depressed patients, in this case the group with suicidal ideation,” said Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry.

“This observation is particularly important in light of recent evidence supporting a personalized medicine approach to depression, i.e., that anti-inflammatory drugs may have antidepressant effects that are limited to patients with demonstrable inflammation.”

In the study, first author Dr. Sophie Holmes and colleagues assessed inflammation in 14 patients with moderate-to-severe depression who were not currently taking any antidepressant medications.

Immune cells called microglia activate as part of the body’s inflammatory response, so the researchers used a brain imaging technique to measure a substance that increases in activated microglia.

The evidence for immune activation was most prominent in the anterior cingulate cortex, a brain region involved in mood regulation and implicated in the biological origin of depression. This finding confirmed the results of a previous study that identified altered microglial activation in medication-free MDD patients. Smaller increases were also found in the insula and prefrontal cortex.

“The field now has two independent reports — our study and a 2015 report by Setiawan and colleagues in Toronto — showing essentially the same thing: that there is evidence for inflammation, more specifically microglial activation, in the brains of living patients during a major depressive episode,” said Dr. Talbot.

This link suggests that among depressed patients, neuroinflammation may be a factor contributing to the risk for suicidal thoughts or behavior.

According to Dr. Talbot, the findings “emphasize the importance of further research into the question of whether novel treatments that reduce microglial activation may be effective in major depression and suicidality.”

Source: Elsevier

September 22, 2017 at 07:22AM

Best of Our Blogs: September 22, 2017

I’m still feeling the glow from Sounds True’s enlightening online Self-Acceptance summit. In particular, I’ve been reflecting on bestselling author Anne Lamott’s words. She said we save the best China, our favorite cup and ornate glassware for our guests. But do we instill that same level of kindness and care to ourselves?

We may grab an energy bar or frozen drink to erase hunger and thirst, but devote time to lay out the sliced up tomatoes, freshly washed grapes and wedges of cheese for loved ones.

We go out of our way to make others happy, but often neglect ourselves. It’s no wonder we end up resentful, sick, tired and angry at the world.

Before you look outward for love and nurturance, start with doing one kind thing for yourself. Be it an understanding thought, a patient response or time to savor a fancy meal just for yourself. Doing any of these will cause a seismic shift, changing the way you treat others, which ultimately affects the world.

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14 Thought-Control Tactics Narcissists Use to Confuse and Dominate You
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3 Therapies to Heal Your Wounded Inner Child
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September 22, 2017 at 06:38AM

Self-Control Does Not Become Exhausted as the Day Progresses

Self-Control Does Not Become Exhausted as the Day Progresses

New research dispels the prevailing theory that as we tire, we may reduce or lose self-control.

For example, after a long day of work and carefully watching what you eat, you might expect your self-control to slip a little by kicking back and cracking open a bag of potato chips.

A new study, however, suggests self-control may be less limited than we often believe. In fact, there may be no noticeable dip in our motivation and ability to do something as long as we switch up tasks throughout the day.

“While people get tired doing one specific task over a period of time, we found no evidence that they had less motivation or ability to complete tasks throughout the day,” says Dan Randles, a postdoctoral at University of Toronto- Scarborough.

Self-control is the ability to focus on or exert effort on a task that isn’t immediately rewarding. “It’s doing something not because you enjoy it, but because it’s connected to a larger goal and you want to see it through,” explains Randles.

The prevailing theory in psychology about self-control is that it can get exhausted internally the more we use it. Some studies have suggested that depleted glucose reserves in the brain could be responsible.

Nevertheless, emerging research is questioning the theory as most studies on self-control depletion have been done in the lab, and some, including studies on glucose, have been difficult to replicate and remain controversial.

“This doesn’t mean all studies on self-control are wrong, but at least for that one, attempts to replicate it have found no evidence for the effect,” says Randles.

Randles and his mentor, Professor Michael Inzlicht, worked with Iain Harlow from the adaptive learning company Cerego and found that people experience worsened ability while doing a single difficult memory task.

The researchers discovered a person’s performance begins to decline around the 30-minute mark with a notable drop in performance around 50 minutes.

These findings echo similar studies in the past, but what’s unique is that they found no evidence that ability to complete the task decreased throughout the day, and in fact found that motivation to complete it actually increased.

“This finding is especially important for intellectually demanding tasks like learning,” says Harlow. “It fits with research showing that you remember more of what you learn when you review it frequently but in short bursts.”

“Our results are consistent with theories showing that people lose motivation within a specific task, but at odds with theories that argue self-control is general resource that can be exhausted,” adds Randles.

He says there may be a few reasons why we have stable self-control throughout the day but that it can limited within a single task.

One important reason could be that we have several longer-term goals to achieve and that we’re sensitive to putting in enough effort to complete them all. So too much effort in one task may rob other important goals, notes Randles.

While there are more than 200 studies that show doing a task requiring impulse control and mental effort can lead to a drop-in self-control when switching to an unrelated task, it’s rarely really been tested in a natural setting. This is what’s unique about this study – it’s one of the first to observe self-control in a natural setting over a full 24-hour period.

The researchers gathered data from more than 16,000 students who completed voluntary learning and review exercises over several months using Cerego’s adaptive learning platform.

“The data from Cerego offered a unique opportunity because it showed us exactly when people were willing to engage in a difficult mental activity and for how long,” says Randles.

“The fact participants got worse at a single task speaks to how effortful they found it, and despite the difficulty, we found no evidence whatsoever that their ability or motivation decreased up until the point they got tired late at night.”

Source: University of Toronto

September 22, 2017 at 06:33AM

Get Rid of Your Nicotine Addiction – The Edinburgh Reporter

The Edinburgh Reporter’s Mike Smith is a fully qualified hypnotherapist. Following a report this week from NHS Scotland on e-cigarettes, Mike gives advice on how hypnotherapy can help rid an addiction to nicotine.

A consensus led by NHS Scotland has said that e-cigarettes are ‘definitely’ less than harmful than smoking tobacco. The health body issued the statement this week as it wanted to clarify confusion surrounding vaping devices.

While many smokers will see this as good news, the addiction to nicotine remains. Getting rid of this addiction completely is what is really required. Indeed, there is a body of opinion which suggests using e-cigarettes is swapping one addiction for another, albeit a less harmful one.
So, what can be done to rid yourself of an addiction to nicotine? Well there is a holistic and natural way of doing this, one that can take about an hour of your time – and can mean a permanent change to your life.

Hypnotherapy is a proven method of ridding addictions, including nicotine. Mind Generating Success, a hypnotherapy practice based in Edinburgh, has helped many clients stop smoking. One client had smoked for 30 years and had tried patches, gum and other ways to stop smoking but nothing worked. Until he tried hypnotherapy. After just one session he became a non-smoker.

Why stop smoking?

Smoking increases the risk of developing a wide range of health ailments and diseases. But the habit does not only harm the smoker’s health, it can also have a negative impact on the people around them. Children and babies living with people who smoke are vulnerable to many health problems. This includes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and an increased risk of cot death.

Some of the most common smoking-related illnesses include:

• Infertility – Smoking affects the fertility of men and women, making it difficult to conceive.
• Gum disease – As well as staining your teeth, smoking can cause premature tooth loss due to gum disease.
• Heart disease – This is considered the UK’s biggest killer. Nearly one in six cases are smoking-related.
• Lung cancer – More than eight in 10 cases of lung cancer are directly related to smoking.
• Other cancers – This includes mouth, throat, nose, blood, cervical and pancreatic cancer.

Adults who endure passive smoking for a long period of time are also at an increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Tobacco is also an irritant; therefore, it can make conditions such as asthma worse.

Hypnotherapy for smoking

A great number of people find hypnotherapy for smoking an effective treatment. The method works to break the negative behaviours and thinking patterns associated with smoking. The thoughts and behaviours the smoker holds are often what prevents them from successfully giving up.
When a person makes the decision to stop smoking, the key aspect is to let go of the routine and change their perspective of cigarettes. Breaking an addiction like this is a challenge. Many people find changing how they think about something difficult. As hypnotherapy focuses on this change, it is fast becoming one of the most popular forms of treatment.

When considering stop smoking hypnosis, the first thing the person has to do is make sure they are choosing to quit for themselves. Hypnosis for smoking has been found to be most effective when the person really wants to quit.

How Much Does It Cost?

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is usually done in just one session which costs £95. Now if you think you can’t afford £95 think about how much money you’re spending on cigarettes. Do you know if you smoke 20 fags a day you’re literally burning at least £3,000 every year?

Think what you could do with this money? And think also of the health benefits. It’s really a no-brainer.

What Should I Do?

To arrange an initial discussion, please contact me on 07521 353 787 or email me at 

This initial discussion costs just £10 – and if you decide to proceed this is deducted from the cost of your session.

Edinburgh Reporter readers can get 10% off by quoting ER17 when they make an enquiry.

More information is available at the Mind Generating Success website.

Mike Smith Hyp CS
Mind Generating Success
Edinburgh EH14 1DJ


September 22, 2017 at 04:14AM

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